The definition of quiescent is something or someone dormant or in a period of inactivity. Organismal senescence is the aging of whole organisms. In biology, physiologically inactive or motionless; resting, as an insect in the chrysalis state, or an encysted amœba. Inactive, resting, silent Medtalk A period during which an infection is present but not active in a host Examples TB; chickenpox and recrudescence as herpes zoster–shingles. In plant development: The root tip. Int J Mol Sci. n quiescence The state or quality of being quiescent or inactive; rest; repose; inactivity; the state of a thing without motion or agitation: as, the quiescence of a volcano. Although the ability to make polyP is important for survival during quiescence and resistance to diverse environmental stresses, granule genesis is poorly understood. Aging (Albany NY). (formal) the state of being quiet or not active the quiescence of trade union action during the 1930s (medical) a period during which a disease, etc. Thus, in … 3.  |  Center for Genomics and Systems Biology; 2. Despite the fact that common molecules play role in decision of cell cycle arrest, senescent and quiescent cells have some distinctive phenotypes at both molecular and morphological levels. Operational Definition of Quiescence Quiescent yeast cells are commonly obtained in the laboratory by growing liquid cultures to saturation in rich media, usually for 5 to 7 days at 30°C (Fig. Origin of quiescent 1600–10;